Freight transportation and logistics

Cloud-based TMS
to cover everyday needs

Nowadays TMS is a vital part of any successful or heading that way transportation company. Knowing that I was searching for the best solution across the market that could fulfill my daily operations & replace routine tasks by an automation
Roman Kubyk, General Manager of Midex Corp
Transportation and Logistics companies business processes Automation System
With our cloud-based platform, you can cut your logistics and processes cost down, minimize manual work, reduce routine tasks and increase performance to the highest level
Order processing
- Freight tracking
- Sorting and matching
- Documents upload
- Data categorization

- Invoice generator
- QuickBook integration

- Group messaging
- Chatbots & Autoresponder
- Message templates
- Messengers, E-mail and SMS integration

- Multi-User access
- Structural design of departments
- Cloud-based
Work with data
- Data Analytics and Statistics
- Data categorization
- Import / export
Processes automation
- Document workflow
- Task scheduling
- Parsing
- Google maps integration
- Fully-customizable Mobile App

Platform ready for use by
Freight Brokers, Carriers
and 3PL

The right TMS system to support Your business type. We take into account the peculiarities and specifics of each company, so we provided incredibly flexible system

Database integration
Processes automation
Integration API
Workspace customization
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Case study

Our customer's story
Roman Kubyk,
General Manager of Midex Corp
What problems did you face when you were analyzing and trying the offers on the market?
I started my search for TMS with popular providers. To my frustration, I found that most of the features they were offering weren't needed and wouldn't be used. But those that I really needed were missing and required additional coding & money. The cost was too high, as their system wasn't designed for the modifications.

I had to compromise between the price and the features I needed. After I had understood this, I came across an affordable provider that could meet price and features strategy.

But I faced another frustration that was related to the new system itself. The solidness and non-flexibility in addition to the low forethought for changes showed me that I would need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve the features I needed. Besides, I had to pay for further modifications and improvements.

So, I had decided to stop the development due to the high cost and low feedback. The modules we have paid for were half-built and useless. There was no choice as only to utilize the TMS as is.

Another challenge I met was that I had to cover the operation somehow. So I came to the idea to use other software that would work as an add-on to the system we currently use. The downside of this approach was adding more manual work to our operations.

We had been working in such a way for about a year. I thought that this is the expectations we can expect as a small business and in general until we had got another demo with Milkyweb.

What were your impressions after the first demonstration of Milkyweb? How is it different from others you've tried before?
I really like the idea of modifications, automation, and flexibility. This was a pain point from the past, so I did not hesitate to subscribe & agreed to replace previous software with Milkyweb product. Also, we decided to develop additional modules to replace the other software we were using to cover additional operations. The project was successful and even more, we found many tasks that we were performing manually or semi-manually and replaced them with automation.

Some of the operations, which we thought were ok and should not be changed or modified, looked arduous and time-wasting after the implementation of some of the new modules. As a result, we have initiated the revision of our operations and found that the approach we were using has waste and it could be improved by changing the way of the operations.
Using this approach we have geared up 6 departments of our company and replaced a lot of repeatable, time-consuming work on one hand. And on the other, we saved costs, increased performance, and work quality.
Goals achieved by replacing previous software with Milkyweb
  • Database organization
  • Integration with Services and Messengers
  • Automation of routine tasks by task Scheduling, Parsing, and Chatbot
  • Structural design of the departments and Multi-user Access
  • Fully-Flexible System: new modules can be added, the number of features is constantly growing