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Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Need a customized software solution as fast as possible?
Existing options on the market don't cover all your needs?
Want to develop the individual solution without financial risks?
Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Milkyweb enterprise software platform
We construct a Full-fledged Flexible and Scalable Enterprise Applications that provide key capabilities for Task, Data, and Document Management and is optimal for non-structured and quickly changing business processes
The platform for Automation Business Processes of any complexity
  • All Company Processes, Data, Resources, and Communications managed in a single Ecosystem
  • Record speed of Application Development, Integration and Adaptation
  • Change Data and System Structure on-the-fly in response to new Business Requirements

    Your Fully customizable Mobile Application

    On Milkyweb Low-code platform our team will design, build, and support an elegant app that’s tailored specifically to your business needs

    We offer pricing that’s much lower than market rates, because we’re building the application from ready-made components

    Manage Data
    Work with data through a unique customizable workspace

    Build your interface or use templates
    Milkyweb enterprise software platform
    Milkyweb enterprise software platform

    Control all Communication in one place

    Conduct a conversation with each client, partner or customer in one chat interface through many channels - E-mail, Telegram, SMS and other on-demand

    Automate message sending and processing of receiving data, by the task scheduler and chatbot
    Milkyweb enterprise software platform
    Automation of Business Processes
    Increase productivity by leaving some work to computer

    Design database, perform robust automation and customize data flow
    Your Company Growth With Milkyweb
    • Milkyweb has made enterprise software accessible to Organizations of any Size and Business Type
    • Our apps are built carefully to optimize overall lifetime and Long-term Survivability
    • Fully Scalable with regards to future requirements that makes our offer risk free

      • Modifications on the fly. Transform data structure, add and change data connections without recompilation or stopping the application

      Milkyweb is a Fully customizable, Cloud-based Enterprise Software Platform based on the ideas of web 3.0 and Semantic web and designed for a wide range of business purposes

      Our "Plug-and-Play" architecture principle fills your operations gaps with the hassle-free solution

      • Knowledge database. Using knowledge from our repository helps to create data structure and basic business logic without the need to make all connections and rules manually

      What is Unique in Our Engine?

      • Modularity. Expanding the functionality of the application using existing modules. Allows save money and time on creating modules from scratch

      • Declarative approach. Focus on how the interfaces and data structures should look like instead of the steps to build them. That helps to avoid errors and ease applications building

        • Graph database. Making complex database selections without the need to write SQL scripts. This is especially helpful while searching relations between the data and displaying them

        - I want to access Milkyweb Beta and develop on my own
        Digitize your business!
        - I want your team to create personalized Free Application Demo for me
        I am a Developer
        I am a Business Owner
        We use our own low-code builder that allows us to spend time implementing your unique business logic instead of programming boilerplate code.
        It makes use of your time and money 5x more effective.
        Do what really worth your attention, leave the rest of the work to the computer.
        Your team can focus on high priority and value-added tasks.
        Wish your company to grow rapidly? It has become possible - our platform is expanding with an increase in your operations processes.
        Modifying the app as simple as making a few clicks.
        Resource saving
        Quickly modified
        A few reasons why
        we might be the Right Fit
        Your goals matter. Get round-the-clock technical support that's free for all customers.
        You don't need to be bound to an external dev team or to hire an IT department to make changes to your app in the future.
        Forget about server administration. Cloud computing provides access from any location at any time.
        No matter where you are, our software never stops working for you.
        Life is unpredictable: your monthly bills shouldn't be. We offer pricing, so you know what you'll be paying every single time.
        Cloud based
        Predictable pricing

        See how to get started quickly

        Our team supports your company onboarding on each step
        A Free Consultation
        We study the company's structure, processes, data usage.
        Using our experience we'll find bottlenecks in your processes to make a system that fits your case perfectly
        Software Implementation
        We import the company's data from your existing system into the created one.
        Implementation of personalized work tools for each of your company's tasks. Get all your external services connected to make them work in unison

        We configure the document flow between clients, employees, and the company's departments
        The visibility of all company's data and processes generates new insights and optimizations. In accordance with your company's changing needs, it's easy to scale and modify our software solution. After implementation, we do not stop cooperation

        Freight transportation and logistics

        We built flexible automated TMS
        for logistics companies
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