Outperforming enterprise applications builder
Personalized internal tools
for your business
Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Are you overwhelmed with the search for the software that will cover your business needs?
Hard to choose from existing options on the market?
Does your current software fulfill all of the operations?
Development of individual solution is too risky?

Milkyweb is fully customizable cloud-based enterprise software platform designed for a wide range of business purposes

Our "Plug-and-Play" architecture principle fills your operations gaps with the hassle-free solution

Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Manage data
Work with data through a unique customizable workspace

Build your interface or use templates
Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Milkyweb enterprise software platform

Control all communication in one place

Conduct a conversation with each client, partner or customer in one chat interface through many channels - E-mail, Telegram, SMS and other on-demand

Automate message sending and processing of receiving data, by the task scheduler and chatbot
Milkyweb enterprise software platform
Automation of business processes
Increase productivity by leaving some work to computer

Design database, perform robust automation and customize data flow
The specificity of our product reduces developers' work and make support time 4x cost-effective
Adaptable system for each new business case. Additional modules and resources can be added. Software capabilities are constantly expanding and improving
Wish your company to grow rapidly? It has become possible - our platform is expanding with an increase in your operations processes
Resource saving
Customizable workspace
Quickly modified
A few reasons
why we might be the right fit
Your goals matter. Get round-the-clock technical support that's free for all customers
Forget about server administration. Cloud computing provides the flexibility you need. No matter where you are, our software never stops working for you
Life is unpredictable: your monthly bills shouldn't be. We offer pricing, so you know what you'll be paying every single time
World-class service
Cloud based
Predictable pricing
Business model analysis
Data import
Workspace customization
Workflow set up
See how to get started quickly
Processes automation
Our team supports your company onboarding on each step

Freight transportation and logistics

We built flexible automated TMS
for logistics companies
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