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Chat that fits your business

Be connected with your partners and customers through popular communication channels, assembled in one interface

Group messaging

Chat bots & autoresponder

Message templates

Messengers, E-mail and SMS integration

Sort contacts by groups
System parsing data from messanges, automatically puts them in tables and forms
Share files and documents
You can configure automatic sending of messages
Messengers, E-mail and SMS integration
They're all connected in an omnichannel setting. Additional channels - on demand
Create and use templates to respond fast on frequently repeated messages

Work with data

Extract data from different resources, transform it for your needs and organize it with custom forms and spreadsheets

Data analytics and statistics

Data categorization

Excel, CSV import

PDF, Excel, CSV export

Processes automation

Cut down the manual work to improve the efficiency of the employees and the organization

Schedule routine tasks to execute as often as you'd like: every minute, every day, every week

Document workflow

Task scheduling



Effortless synchronization of your company data between Milkyweb and the rest of the tools in your tech stack

On-demand integration with third-party services

Google maps


Code-free workspace builder

It does not require development team support to make modifications




Every producing company faces the automation need in order to be globally competitive.

However, major companies are more hesitant to take upgrade actions, integrate innovations and implement automation, as the options tested previously did not bring the desired results.

We think long-term and eager to support your company's overall vision.
Milkyweb solution is fully scalable with regards to future requirements and this makes our offer risk free.

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